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Jordi Amorós

Lifetime Award

The Animac 2017 Lifetime Award is the heartfelt tribute to an outstanding director, animator and strip cartoonist in Catalonia: Jordi Amorós i Ballester aka JA.


Michael Dudok de Wit

Animation Master

“Michaël is a captain determined to reach the North Pole." Michaël Dudok de Wit's career is full of adventure: risk, resolution, rigour and a solid base of wisdom intrinsic to experience.


Special Guest: Igor Kovalyvov

Sublime Details

The Ukrainian Igor Kovalyov (Kiev, 1954) is one of the most outstanding figures of post-Soviet animation. He was a founding member (together with his friend and colleague Aleksandr Tatarsky and the producer Anatoly Prokhorov) of the studio Pilot in 1988, the first independent animation studio in Russia.


Interview with Peter Lord, founder of Aardman Animations

by Adrian Carande 29/07/2016

During the last Annecy International Animated Film Festival, we had the incredible opportunity to interview Peter Lord, brilliant founder of Aardman Animations, the authors of Morph, Wallace & Gromit and many other stop-motion classics. Enjoy!


Interview with Richard Williams

by Adrian Carande 20/10/2015

During the latest Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, we've had the incredible privilege of interviewing Richard Williams, living legend of animation, about his entire career. Enjoy!


Interview with Elizabeth Ito, creator of Welcome To My Life

by Adrian Carande 05/07/2015

During this year's Annecy International Animated Film Festival, we had an opportunity to sit down with one of Adventure Time's most remarkable writer/storyboarders and supervising directors, who recently finished developing her own Cartoon Network project, "Welcome To My Life"!


Interview with George Gendi, creator of Apple & Onion

by Adrian Carande 25/06/2015

During the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, we had the chance to interview this London-based animator who, after a few years as a storyboard artist on Gumball, is working on his very own Cartoon Network show! Enjoy!


Interview with Daniel Chong, creator of We Bare Bears

by Adrian Carande 23/06/2015

We've had the chance to interview the creator of Cartoon Network's latest series, a Disney and Pixar story department veteran who took inspiration from his own comic to develop a tale of three bears who just want to fit in with society. Keep reading!


Animation ‘made in Spain’ gets the spotlight at Annecy

by Animac Magazine 03/05/2015

Animac director Carolina López has curated 'Del trazo al píxel. Más de cien años de animación española', an anthology cycle procuded by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E). This cycle will be one of the main courses of the most important animation festival in the world, in Annecy, France.


Interview with JG Quintel, creator of Regular Show

by Adrian Carande i Xavier Manuel 23/04/2015

This past 2014, during the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, we were lucky enough to be able to interview brillant creator JG Quintel, who after a highly successful run as creative director on "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" went on to create his own Cartoon Network show, the hilarious "Regular Show".


Interview with Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe

by Adrian Carande, Carolina López and Xavier Manuel 22/04/2015

Last 2014, during the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, we had the incredible chance to interview one of the most fascinating and talented creators in current times: Rebecca Sugar, responsible for many of the most beloved episodes on the iconic “Adventure Time” and currently...


A taste of Animac Cartoon 2015

by Adrian Carande 18/02/2015

Currently, when we talk about animation, it's inevitable to stop and consider the offer on television sooner or later. Far from the decades where youth programming was limited to the decisions of a group of executives focused entirely on selling merchandise, the current animated TV show market enjoys a freshness barely ever seen before. Finally conscious...


A Matter of Affiliation

By Pierre Hébert 10/02/2015

In this article I would like to analyse what “affiliation” with an artist means, specifically my affiliation with Norman McLaren, when this affects a lifetime. I often hear it said that I am a McLaren “disciple” or “heir”. It is very gratifying to hear this, but it is also very demanding.

Masaaki Yuasa

Interview with Japanese film director Masaaki Yuasa

By Xavier Manuel 01/10/2013

Last June, during the last days of Annecy Film Festival, we managed to meet one of the most original animation directors we admire from Japan: Masaaki Yuasa. Yuasa-san was competing at Annecy’s official selection with his new, crowdfunded short film: Kick-Heart, a bizarre colorful love story involving wrestling and sadomasochism.

Joaquín Reyes

Joaquin Reyes Interview

By Xavier Manuel 20/03/2013

Does Joaquin Reyes need to be introduced? One of the most ground-breaking comedians of these last years: re-inventor of the pythonian sketch, promoter of Manchegan dialect, impersonator of celebrities... In addition, he's one cartoonist of a kind -his original profession- with a really personal style.


Mercedes Marro Interview

By Xavier Manuel 05/03/2013

Mercedes Marro is the director of Tomavistas, audiovisual producer specialized in animation series. We’ve talked with her about her success “Lara què fem?”(Ask Lara)-nominated to the Emmy Kids Awards last February-, about projects which are about to appear and about the real situation of Catalan and Spanish animation...


Theodore Ushev Interview

By Xavier Manuel 03/03/2013

One year ago, I spent the evening of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, at the Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi preparing the presentation of the short feature Ámár. The auditorium is 200 metres from Baghat Singh Market, where the person I loved and on whose memories the film is based had grown up....


The Film of Tomorrow

By Isabel Herguera 02/03/2013

One year ago, I spent the evening of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, at the Instituto Cervantes in New Delhi preparing the presentation of the short feature Ámár. The auditorium is 200 metres from Baghat Singh Market, where the person I loved and on whose memories the film is based had grown up....

Hanna Heilborn

Hanna Heilborn: Animation as a human and real tool

By Xavier Manuel 10/02/2013

Last 8th February, Swedish documentalist Hanna Heilborn joined us as a guest of honor at Animac's 2013 presentation event, in CCCB (Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona).


Suzie Templeton: The fascination of imperfection

By Irene Iborra 01/03/2012

The animation narrative is more used to comedy than drama. Perhaps because it is more difficult to empathize with drawings or dolls, to suffer and feel with them, that laugh from the distance...


The Rabbi's Cat:  A triumph of New French Animation

By Alfons Moliné 01/03/2012

Today, while in America feature films made using traditional animation are increasingly “an endangered species”, Europe continues to preserve the time-honoured animated drawing while ready to combine it with other more up-to-date techniques...


The Gruffalo: An instant classic

By Alfons Moliné 01/03/2012

Sometimes in literature, cinema, comics or other media, what is called an “instant classic” emerges: a work that, as soon as it is released, immediately receives the approval of both critics and audience, and is automatically considered a “classic” worthy of the major works of the past...


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