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Esteu aquí: Inici News The short Contact, by Alessandro Noveli and Kutxa beltza, by Izibene Oñederra and Isabel Herguera, selected in Annecy 2017

The short Contact, by Alessandro Noveli and Kutxa beltza, by Izibene Oñederra and Isabel Herguera, selected in Annecy 2017

The short Contact, by Alessandro Noveli and Kutxa beltza, by Izibene Oñederra and Isabel Herguera, selected in Annecy 2017.

Annecy unveils the first titles of its program in the official sections of shorts and Graduation Films. In addition to continuing to support European creation, it broadens the selection to a greater number of countries, especially Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, in a year with China in the spotlight 'We plan to provide the widest possible view on historical and current animation in China ', stated the artistic director, Marcel Jean.

The only two shorts selected from Spain belong to well-known and loved authors in Animac. The Italian based in Barcelona Alessandro Noveli, participated in Incubator Pitch within Animac 2016, precisely with the short Contact when it was still in the project phase and thanks to Animac found producer to complete it; nothing less than the award-winning Uniko (producers of Decorado and co-procuctores of Psiconautas, the Lost Children). The other short film selected, Kutxa Belta, is co-directed by two talented animators formed in the field of Fine Arts, Izibene Oñederra who at the beginning of her career as an animator exhibited her drawings in Animac and Isabel Herguera, teacher of the first and former director of the Mostra. Both have signed short films in solitary, although they had already worked together in Berbaok, a collective piece signed by several Basque painters. To this two titles, we can add the short film co-produced by Spain and Venezuela, The Ultimate Guide to Inspiration by Daniela Uribe and Francisco Márquez.

87 short and 49 short will be one of the highlights of the most important animation festival in the world, as this short format is highly appreciated by the audience that fills the movie theatres in Annecy and hopes to be surprised with its many creative possibilities.

The organization emphasizes that 48% of these films have been made by women, mentioning that the director of the Cinémathèque de Grenoble, Peggy Zejgman-Lecarme this year has been part of a selection committee, composed only by men in the latests editions.

We were lucky enough to see some of the most outstanding titles of the French selection, already in Animac; titles such as Nocta Ptica (Night Hawk) of the Slovene young Špela Cadež who with her delicacy and mastery with the cut-out approaches the work of Yurí Norstein, the striking view of the Pyrenees in Orogenesis of the Frenchman settled in Madrid Boris Labbé , The puppet dance and camera in the original stop-motion choreography of Ossa of the Italian Dario Imbrogno and Tühi ruum (Empty Space) of the Estonian Ülo ​​Pikkov another extraordinary short in stop motion where a miniature furniture constructs the memory of the house that a political prisoner could not live for years.

The selection includes some well-known names such as Katariïna Lillquist who presents her latest work, Radio Dolores. It is a project that goes beyond the short and with which pays homage to the 80 years of the International Brigades and its members; volunteers from 50 different countries who participated in the Spanish Civil War.

As for the graduation shorts, we have been able to see on the screen of the LLotja Congress Palace (the main Animac venue) some of the most daring proposals that will also fill Bonlieu's screen with eroticism and humor, such as 69 sec. by Laura Nicholas or Le clitoris by Lori Malépart.

In total there are 12 extraordinary international short films, which we had the opportunity to see already in Lleida, as an advance of the French program, which already looks very attractive for its next edition (from 12 to 17 June) and in which Animac, as every year, will participate and keep you updated.

We look forward to the announcement of the rest of the program: feature films, TV series, comissioned films and parallel sessions, as well as the contents of MIFA, one of the most outstanding animation markets in the world (13-16 June) and which also has China as the guest country this year.

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