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Animac screens "Psiconautas" on the International Animation Day

The award-winning feature film will be screened on Friday October 28 at 20PM at CaixaForum Lleida


Psiconautas: los niños olvidados
Directors: Pedro Rivero and Alberto Vázquez
Year: 2015



A glimmer of hope in an awful world.

Birdboy, a nihilist bird; Dinky, his best friend; and her group of colleagues (all of them teenage, anthropomorphic animals), seek to escape from the island where they live, ravaged by an ecological catastrophe, and the depressing world around them. The film combines devastating social criticism, placing the Galician situation of the 80's on a current global context, with the poetic and touching development of a group of characters brimming with humanity.

This modern fairy tale, based on the graphic novel by Alberto Vázquez (Astiberri, 2006), had its first animated adaptation in 2012 as a Goya-winning short film with a simpler style, which serves as a prologue to the story of the film. Psiconautas, featuring a more elaborate art direction that retains the essence of the comic and is beautifully animated by hand, has won international awards such as Best Animated Feature at Fantasia and the International Animation Festival of Stuttgart and has been featured in the official selection of a long list of prominent festivals such as San Sebastián. This premiere in Lleida already has plans for international distribution in theaters.

Psiconautas is an European animation gem that will fascinate all audiences.



Alberto Vázquez (A Coruña, 1980) is an illustrator, filmmaker and comic artist. Works such as El Evangelio de Judas have forged him a career as one of the most renowned authors of his generation of underground artists. Psiconautas is his feature film debut after the shorts Birdboy (co-directed with Pedro Rivero) and Blood Unicorn, which will be the jumping point for a new feature film, a France-Spain co-production, that he's currently in the process of writing. In addition to the Goya award, Birdboy was pre-selected for an Academy Award and won countless other prizes at festivals around the world.

Pedro Rivero (Bilbao, 1969) is an experienced animation writer. Director and producer of La Crisis Carnívora (2008), the first Flash-animated Spanish film distributed in theaters; Rivero was the one who originally encouraged Vázquez to bring Psiconautas, his graphic novel, to the big screen.

Alberto Vázquez and Pedro Rivero visited Animac during the production of Psiconautas and generously shared with the Lleida audience the creation process of one of the greatest recent adult animated films.




Psiconautas will be screened on Friday October 28, the International Animation Day, at 20:00PM in CaixaForum Lleida.




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