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New talents of animation
Saturday 17th May 2014
For all ages. Duration: 60'

The puppet animation, frame by frame, is experiencing a peak time among young artists. Of the six films nominated this year at the Cartoon d'Or, the award for best animated short pan, more than half of the short films have been made with puppet animation technique, including the winner "Head Over Heels." Likewise, winner short films made by students awarded in the festival circuit such as "But Milk is Important" or "Bowls" - have been made with this technique. The stop motion or filming puppets or objects picture by picture, is a technique as old as cinema itself. It was useful to Méliès and other pioneers for their fantastic tricks and as it passed into the hands of the authors of Eastern Europe it became art since mid of last century. Annecy festival dedicates this year edition to stop motion, and its creative versatility: another symptom that shows that far from being obsolete, this technique is reinvented and reborn in the digital era stronger tan ever.
The pioneer Ladislas Starewitch, Jan Švankmajer’s surrealist cinema or the hermetic and metaphysical worlds of the Quay brothers ... All of them have inspired generations of these and many other new artists who use stop motion or the animation of objects and puppets frame by frame. While the work and films of these masters are displayed at the CCCB in the exhibition 'Metamorphosis' and at the parallel film cycle Xcèntric, Animac has selected the best stop motion films of recent creation that have been part of the 2014 Animac program (Lleida, from 20th to 23rd February). We invite you to (re) discover them.

Fresh Guacamole, created by PES. United States of America, 2 minutes, 2012, no dialogue.
This movie is a corrosive and sarcastic recipe. The New York filmmaker PES is probably the most watched stop motion host on the network. The fact of bringing to life everyday scenes with animated objects in very short pieces made him earn a great popularity and an Oscar nomination. According to the author, "I chose the animation step by step in my admiration for the work of Jan Švankmajer." Awarded at Animac 2013 with the Audience Award, this short film has been part of the Touring Animac program this last year.
Padre, created by Santiago Bou Grasso. France, 2013, 12 minutes, subtitled in English.
Argentina, 1983. A woman takes care of her ill father, a retired soldier. It describes a routine and servile life to the rhythm of a ticking omnipresent clock. As the days pass, the woman imprisons herself more and more in her little world. Selected in over 70 festivals worldwide, this Franco-Argentina production has been a big leap for the young Argentine director Santiago Bou, interested in the realism offered by the stop motion technique and also interested in the Hitchcock inspired suspense.
Boles, created by Spela Čadež. Slovenia, 2013, 12 minutes, subtitled in English.
Filip lives in a poor neighborhood, while dreaming of the glory of being a writer and a luxurious lifestyle. One day her neighbor Teresa, a former prostitute who he always tries to avoid, asks Filip to write a letter to his fiancé. He agrees, but a week after Teresa reappears on the landing. Slovenian director Spela Čadež has won over 30 awards with her puppet short films without losing a bit of authorship.
Head over Heels, created by Timothy Reckart and Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly. United Kingdom, 2012, 10 minutes, stop-motion, no dialogue.
A man and his wife have drifted apart over the years: he lives on the ground, she lives on the ceiling, and their marriage hangs in the balance. Not only won an Annie Award, it had a major success at Anima Mundi, it was selected at Cannes, and it become an Oscar nominee and also won the Cartoon d'Or 2013 Award-pan for best animated short. Tim Reckart notes the conceptual and architectural power of the stop motion technique for a story of severities and sacrifices.
But Milk is Important, created by Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen and Anna Mantzaris. Norway, 2012, 11 minutes, no dialogue.
A naive and clumsy creature haunts a man with social phobia. Terrified, the man tries to escape not knowing that the creature is going to help him with unconventional methods. Dark and mysterious, but full of humor and heart, this film of graduation was born in Volda University College, in Norway. His success in dozens of festivals - Ottawa, Anifest, Animateka - confirms the talent of this creative duo formed by the students Eirik and Anna.
The Man Who Was Afraid Of Falling, created by Joseph Wallace. United Kingdom, 2011, 4 minutes, no dialogue.
Ivor's life turns upside down after he accidentally drops a flowerpot, a fact that awakens in him a series of paranoid reactions. Nominated for BAFTA, this tender short film created by the very young and versatile English artist Joseph Wallace- now immersed in the Caravel Collective group-shows that old age generates stories with strength and makes impression beyond the movie “UP”.

Lettres de Femmes, created by August Zaravello. France, 2012, 11 minutes, subtitled in French.

On the battlefields of the First World War, Simon the nurse is mending the shattered faces of infantrymen with love letters. Nominated at the Gallic Caesar and awarded at the Annecy Festival and Clermont-Ferrand, Lettres de Femmes it also reached the exclusive Olympus that means earning the Cartoon d'Or. The director, August Zaravello, defends the fragility of "papier mâché" for this devastating war history.


During the hot summer nights, Lleida City Council prepares a program to liven up these months in the city. ANIMAC has been one of the regulars in recent years, planning a family outdoor session at the Llotja’s square. In recent years it has been the starting point of the Touring Animac.



Every October 28, the International Animation Film Day is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the first public screening of the Théâtre Optique (Optical Theatre), created by Emile Reynaud, at the Grevin Museum in Paris, in 1892. Animac obviously wants to have a place in this event and approximately on this date prepares a special session.

In 2012 “Arrugas”, 2013 “Approved for Adoption”.

This year we celebrate the International Animation Day with a session titled TENDERNESS AND TERROR IN STOP MOTION dedicated to the most powerful producers of animated films in the country, I + G Stop Motion presented this year as part of Som Cinema- Film and Audiovisual Cataln Festival. 

I+G Stop Motion Studio has received international retrospectives, but this one is the first in both Catalan and Spanish.

Since the producers Marc Riba and Anna Solanas left ESCAC with the film Black is the color of the gods, their incredible job leading the study I + G Stop Motion has continued to grow both technically and artistically to position itself as a reference for animation studios inside and outside our country. With more than a dozen works and hundreds of awards, their stories have reached audiences worldwide especially thanks to the festivals.

Its "bipolar" creation combines the production of precious pieces for children such as Grand Prix with animation scripts as dark as the worst nightmares (Canis, The twins from the Ponent street ...) and always with an extraordinary character design and love for the detail in each element of the film.

The IG Stop Motion studio with its well-known characters has put our stop motion animation on the international map with a very laudable and unusual scene continuity of independent animation. Marc Riba and Anna Solanas invite you to know the characters of their works.


 Grand Prix, 2011
 Violeta, la pescadora del mar Negro (Violet the Black Sea fisherwoman) 2006
 Lupe y Bruno, (Lupe and Bruno) 2008
 Las gemelas de la calle Ponent, (The twins from the Ponent street) 2010
Cabaret Kadne, 2008



Taking advantage of the holidays and winter break Animac will also join the Christmas program. During these dates, Animac will plan a thematic session about the holidays, winter and all the magic that surrounds these days.


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